Thursday, April 30, 2009


How to babyproof:

• Throw away the pennies. Just throw them away.
• What are those things anyway, the ones under the sink? They look dangerous, but you don't even recognize them. Oh! They seem to be "cleaning products"! Get rid of them.
• Use duct tape to attach bubble wrap to bathtub faucet, coffee-table edges, tile floor, and dog's teeth.
• Use duct tape to attach bubble wrap to baby.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hope They Survive!

We have a couple fruit trees in our backyard that have been pretty. But we've been having some not so ideal weather coming through. Hope the trees, and more importantly the fruit, survive. Can you see the ginormous snowflakes?


At our little egg hunt Brody totally knew what he was doing.
Teagan tried to convince us that this rock was a dinosaur egg. Velociraptor to be exact.
Kamryn thought the sunshine was great and enjoyed watching her big brothers running around.
All dressed up for church.

Another Bee's Game

We were able to get suite tickets, once again, to the Bee's opening night. It was Kamryn's first baseball game and she actually seemed to enjoy it. Brody sat and watched most of it...and Teagan mostly played around the whole time. Teagan was very cute though. Matt, a guy that John works with, was also at the game with his cute wife, Jenny. Teagan asked me if I knew Matt's wife's name...I said no. So he said, "Well, I'm going to go ask her if she wants a drink of water." So, Teagan proceeded outside and went up to her and said, "Can I get you something to drink?" She said, no thanks, but it was the cutest thing ever. From that moment on, Teagan would hardly leave her alone for a minute. Serious crush here folks.

This is what I found the other morning.

Brody sitting waaaay too close to the TV....and....
Teagan dressed himself in a Scooby pj top, shorts, and Spiderman snowboots. We are a very stylish family.

Just Catching Up

Sheesh! Mom, you shouldn't sneak up on me like that! I just totally peed my pants.
We have a nice long when the boys run, they can pick up some good speed before they throw themselves onto the couch. Totally wears them out. And....that hallway also goes around in a circle through the kitchen and dining area....tons of room to run.
I think we should all take a horsey ride to the bathroom to brush our teeth once in a while.
What are you talking about mom, I totally fit!

April Fools Day - catch up

I told John that I was going to make a yummy gourmet dinner...but this is what we all got. I totally thought the boys would love it....but look at Teagan's initial expression. Although....since that night, Teagan has asked for octopus hot dogs at least a dozen times!
Teagan also pulled a April Fools joke on his daddy. He called John at work and told him that he lost his first tooth. When Teagan handed the phone back to me, I went along with it. John was a little confused, b/c he thought Teagan was a bit young...but I said-well maybe it's from the medication he's taking. -I'm such a bad liar.- Teagan thought the whole thing was hilarious and was so excited to tell his daddy April Fools! when he got home. And so he did....John, of course, had already figured it out. But Teagan thought it was fun.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Five signs your baby may be teething:

• She looks like the winner of her own personal wet T-shirt contest.
• When she chews on her fist, the expression "self-cannibalizing" leaps to mind.
• You've exhausted all other explanations for her crabbiness.
• You've exhausted all other explanations for your crabbiness.
• When you look in her mouth, you see teeth.

Kamryn may or may not be teething.
No teeth yet.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For Those of You Who Have Asked

These are pics of our new house. The above pic is from the livingroom - looking at the dining area....but we're currently eating in the kitchen....don't want the boys eating on the new carpet...and waiting until John can build our big table this summer (hopefully). I know you love the wall paper, random rock wall, and wood paneling. Sheesh, don't be jealous!
Kitchen-at least half of it. It also has a big window to the right, looking out into the back yard.
Dining-looking into the living room. Yes, more wood paneling. :o)
Giant play room! So glad to have a home for all the kids' toys! Yes, wood paneling--it was built in the 60's. And yes, they left the green couch.

So that's just a peak. If you want to see more, come visit us! ;o)

Updated House Pics

OK, so I know I said there would be pics of the updates that we do on the house. But, for now we have run out of money to do the aesthetic changes I would love to make...thanks to all the electrical stuff John has had to do. This is a pic of our new breaker box...which we actually had to move to an outside wall. So our house is about half way finished being rewired. But at least I have a disposal and dishwasher to show for it. I guess I can live with white walls and some strange gold wall paper for a while. At least it's in good condition. :o)