Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting Around

Now that Kamryn is getting around by scooting on her belly....I'm thinking of putting her in a fleece sleeper, luring her around the kitchen with a toy....just so I can finally get my floors cleaned!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oregon Coast post #2

Teagan and his cousins. He had so much fun playing with the big boys!...even though they are 2 and 4 years older than him.
Brody and his cousin were sooo cute too. This day they were stuck to each other the whole time we were at the beach.
Teagan....freaking his mom out. But seriously, wow! --I didn't do anything to stop him.
Scaling the beautiful rocks on the church clothes none the less!


So, Kamryn is not quite close. But she now has the army crawl down. I don't think I really remember this stage with the boys. Why is that?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oregon Coast post #1

I tried to get a pic of Kamryn's reaction to the ocean...instead I got a snot bubble!
Brody likes long walks on the beach and feeling the sand between his toes.
Beautiful rocks off the coast.
John and the boys.

I know...boring captions, but I've got a baby on my lap, ready to eat...typing one handed....hopefully the next post will be more descriptive. :o)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Teagan is 5!!!!!!

A couple weeks ago the boys attended a birthday party of a favorite friend and Teagan gave him a package of gross teeth. He asked me over and over if he could try them on...of course I said no. So, Brody, being the sweetest-most thoughtful brother in the world, gave some to Teagan for his birthday. They were a hit!
So excited to be 5!!!
Annie (John's oldest sister) and I made this dinosaur cake for Teagan. Ok, I only brought the dinosaurs and the sugar cone that we used for the volcano, and I made the little egg nest...Annie did the rest. Thanks Aunt Annie!!!
Oh....and how cool to celebrate your birthday at the beach! ( I actually spent my 6th birthday just up the coast a bit at Seal Rock.)

Happy Birthday Teagan! Love you tons!

---more Oregon coast vacation pics to come!


This little girl had a cold and ear infection for a couple weeks and this pic was right in the middle of it. No wonder she's zonked.

Weekend Without Boys

Oh how our garden grows....and this was a couple weeks should see it now!
Kamryn and I had 2 days with out boys in the house. I thought I'd just work around the house and get a couple projects done...but nope. Instead we hung out, watched Jane Austin movies, and I even cheated on my diet with chocolate chips and pecans. It was a great weekend. I thought that I'd burst into tears as John drove out of the driveway with our boys.....I got over it.
Kamryn...getting so close to crawling....should I really be encouraging this?

Memorial Day

It was a lovely Memorial Day. We spent the weekend in southern Utah with John's family. We enjoyed time at the ranch and made a special visit to the Hurricane cemetery to visit some of John's relatives graves...including John's grandfather Langston and John's sister Mary Jo. It was a beautiful day....and check out John's beautiful grandma Langston sitting against the tree. :o)
Trying to get a good shot of Kamryn.
Trying again.
And again.

Honestly....I ended up loving all three pics.

Weekend At The Ranch

Cow Pies...I mean Cutie Pies!
The real reason for our visit.

The Beauties Around Our House

Our red roses. They go up our driveway and across our sidewalk to the door. We also have yellow, peach, and pink.
Aren't I gorgeous?
Our first rose.
Beauty sleep in the exersaucer.

Almost Crawling

Lifestyles of the Almost Crawling

G.I. Jane: Baby slides silently on stomach, pushing off with only her tippy toes.
Kickstand: Baby gets up on hands and one knee, but second leg sticks out to the side and appears to be cemented into the floor.
Drag racing: Baby achieves successful forward motion, but drags one foot behind her like it's a weight tied to her body with a leg.
A little backward: Baby sees a desired object, only to experience frustration when crawling moves her farther away from it.
The crab: Baby moves sideways in a "scuttling" motion.
Roll over Beethoven: Not so much crawling as a kind of blowing-tumbleweed movement from one spot to another. But hey — whatever works.

Kamryn prefers - Roll over Beethoven at the moment...with a little Kickstand action.