Friday, July 24, 2009

Viewer Discretion Advised

Ok, I know. Gross, right. This is what happens when you do not listen to your wife.
That is muscle showing, by-the-way. And this was actually a couple days after it happened.
Can I not enjoy a Sunday phone call with my mother without keeping a constant eye on my husband? Seriously!!!
Just wanted to post this to give my John-john a hard time. Love you!

Camp Out

Ok, not the best pics. But John was very sweet and set up our tent in the back yard so the boys could enjoy a camp out. (Kamryn and I enjoyed our beds, indoors.) The boys loved it...and woke Daddy up very early with the sun.

Baby Einstein

Thank you Baby Einstein videos. You allow this mommy to occasionally get a few things done.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Light Sabers and Pod Racing

Obi-Wan Kenobi aka Teagan.
Qui-Gon Jinn aka Brody.
Teagan and Brody were driving me crazy one were the extra boxes in our basement. So I set them to work on a little art project...creating pod racers. There was coloring, taping, egg cartons, random strings, and tons of imagination involved.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swimming at the Hotel

Anytime we stay at a hotel, we always blow our budget because we try to find a place for the kids to swim. They are NOT little fishies like I was as a child, so any exposure is good. Although, once you put the floaties on Teagan he is pretty confident. Brody mostly stuck to the hot tub and Kamryn actually loved the water and splashed around for quite some time.
Feet in.
Legs in.
Half the body in.
Yah for Kamryn's first time swimming!!!
And though she's not smiling in these pics...she smiled a lot after the first couple minutes....just so you know....I'm not pretending that she liked it.
*And I know...I'm married to a gorilla.* :o)

Jurassic Park?

Ok, not Jurassic Park...but Multnomah Falls in Oregon. After leaving the coast we were on our own as a little family. I remembered these falls from when I was a kid, so we stopped, had lunch, did the shortest hike and enjoyed a beautiful pause in our trip to gaze on the lush greenery and majestic waterfall. :o) Teagan really wanted a picture of his new dinosaurs with the falls.
John and the kiddos.
Teagan and Brody inside of a tree. I'm sure there were lots of bugs/spiders inside...but I didn't want to look. But a guy walking in front of us on the hike down had a spider on his shoulder, but before I could let him know the spider swung down with it's web to the ground and disappeared...lucky spider...I probably would have smacked the guy in the back and squashed it.
Brody and Mommy.

Road Construction

When we were leaving the Oregon coast, we came upon some road construction.....but were barely stopped because this guy obviously was terribly hungry and was digging through his lunch box when we drove up. He got his stop sign up just in the nick of time...we almost sped right past...but were almost glad that he stopped us because he was so funny to watch. We were totally cracked up by him eating his lunch and trying to balance the sign. Maybe we were just sleep deprived, but it was funny to us. *I think he saw me take his picture.*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oregon coast post #4

Our new family pic....with a stranger in the background.
Our beautiful children.
John's parents, sisters + spouses + children, and us.
Happy 34th Anniversary! These are John's parents. They were beyond sweet in inviting all of us on a wonderful family vacation to the Oregon coast. We loved it...appreciated it...and will not forget it. Can't wait to do it again!!!

Oregon coast post #3

John Loves Tia. Awwwww. (Even though I actually wrote that in the sand. Ha!)
Mmmm! Smores!
Mmmm. Smores...with sandy fingers!
We read signs, tried to figure them out....finally called the local authorities to figure out the fire laws on the beach. :o) Glad we did. We had such fun with our little family fire gathering and roasting of marshmallows for smores. Of course the sun went down super fast and we ended up having to put the fire out in the dark. The manly men quickly dug holes in the sand...ran when the waves came rolling in...and filled up their buckets with the water that filled in the holes...just to make sure the fire was properly put out. Too much fun!