Monday, November 22, 2010

Family Trip to CA

Yes, that's the Jelly Belly factory. Yes, lots of sugar. Nope, I did not partake.
Excited boys!
Excited girl!
Liam did not know quite what to think.
This was the real reason for our trip to CA. Great-Gma Giedt turned 90 years old and we were able to celebrate with her. Love you Grandma Great!
Kamryn and her favorite aunt Kati replacement....Aunt Lisa.
Liam stole Teagan's tie. He can totally pull that look off.
Kamryn and Lisa....just hangin around. :o)
It was difficult keeping shoes on this cute girl, but the weather was nice and she didn't seem to mind.
Some random old man at the Veterans Home light saber fighting with the boys. (You probably can't see it, but he was wearing a pink bandana around his neck....the real reason I took the pic.)
Kamryn chasing the boys with the stroller at Gma's party.

Wanna Make Mama Happy?

Wanna make mama happy? Just be cute.
Wanna make mama unhappy? Erase her entire November calendar. (Sorry if I missed something important this month......)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

Kamryn=lion. Liam=caterpillar. Brody=Spiderman. Teagan=Anakin.
Action shot. I loved how he wanted to wear the same costume as last year...just a light saber color change.
Pretty scary lion, if I do say so myself.
Love these sweet boys. Brody wore his costume a week before and after Halloween. Spiderman is always loved in our home.
These pumpkins changed several times....but these were the first "scary" faces. Love the little plastic parts. So easy and no mess to clean up. And interchangeable!

Happy Birthday Kamryn!

Believe it or not, Kamryn is 2!!! We celebrated with our neighbors, Gma & Gpa, and aunt Kati & uncle Brad....a good group of some of Kamryn's favorite people. Teagan and Brody obviously thought she needed a little help with her gifts.
Daddy printed some little princesses off of the computer and mommy cut them out for the cupcakes. (Sooo easy and cheap!)
Every gift Kamryn unwrapped was presented just like this. She was so excited!

Happy Birthday baby girl....we're so glad you're part if our family.

Thanksgiving Point With Cousins

The kiddos had a great time when their cousins came from WA to visit. We loved having them.
My bro, Tony, tried feeding Teagan to the T-Rex. Teagan freaked out.
Because Teagan freaked out, Brody decided to as well. The rest of us thought it was hilarious.
All the kiddos.
Sophie did a good job making sure Kamryn didn't run off.
The water/erosion play area was a big hit for the kids and parents too.
This was definitely their favorite part.

Kid Catch Up

This is one of the reasons we are not completely out of debt. Our TP expenses are outrageous. (Courtesy of Brody.)
Zonked Liam.
Kamryn and Brody enjoying a little tv time.
Brody was trying to make me think that he had fallen asleep on the back of the couch. Notice the half smile.
Garden wonders.
This was Brody's favorite carrot because it looked like a monsters claw.