Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Naughty Little Monster

I wondered what was up when Kamryn was trying to put a diaper on Elmo, then she suddenly disappeared. I knew what she was doing as soon as I heard the toilet seat fall down. I went to investigate and found this. I shooed Kamryn out of the bathroom and Brody came running in crying hysterically for Elmo. No....Elmo didn't drown....he just received a complimentary swirley from Kamryn. He'll survive....but not sure his 'tickle me' parts will ever work again....he does need to be washed, afterall.

Harvest Time

We lost a ton of apricots to a few nice storms that we've had lately, but I was still able to stock up on dried apricots and jam for the next year.
This pic is kinda hard to see. But John was picking apricots for me in the rain. Cheap, good-looking labor.

Cute. Cute. Cute.

My boys.
I caught a pic of Kamryn holding Liam's hand under the blanket in the car. Too very sweet.
Liam loves his big brother. Teagan is very good at making Liam smile.
Caught you! -Kamryn sitting in the baby swing using her toothbrush on her feet. Nice.

Love My Babies

Have I mentioned that I just cannot get enough of this little girl?

Liam likes his big sister too.
She even "reads" to him. What a nice big sister.
Oh....Kamryn is sooo hilarious!