Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread House

This is Teagan's gingerbread house that he made all by himself in Kindergarten one day last week. He was very proud of it...and plans to eat it on Christmas. (yuck)

The Makings of a Snowman

This is the view from our living room window. Happy children at play.
Kamryn and I enjoyed watching the boys out the window, but enjoying the warm house together.
Teagan nibbling on a piece of Frosty.
It didn't take long to convince Daddy to join the fun.
Team work.
The finished project. 'Frosty.'

Beginnings of Winter

This was our first good snow. And the boys really went to town.
There was no prompting from mom in their ideas of snow play. They knew exactly what to do.
Kamryn sitting on our ornament box really interested in our Christmas tree. She sat there for a good hour....looking at the lights, trying to touch the ornaments and beads, and enjoying it to pieces.


We were able to travel south for Thanksgiving to see Gma and Papa at the ranch. This is one place that the children truly love! They were able to climb on the big stack of hay....
feed cows....
Teagan searching for more cows, including a new mama with her baby (which we didn't find)......
Kamryn excited about everything going on.....
feed the horses....
and riding Sultan. Teagan knew that he didn't need someone holding him on...he just had a nice grip on Sultan's mane and was off.
Brody has an interesting look in this pic...but seriously loved every second of his ride as well.
And Kamryn could not get enough of the horse ride. She even rocked her body back and forth to get the horse to move. Too cute.

And this was all the first day of our trip. We were also able to see great gma, aunt leathra, and other uncles, aunts, and cousins. It was a very successful trip!

Fall Fun

So we kind of put off raking the leaves until it was really snowing! And , of course, the boys thought they needed to help. I'm not sure how much help they really are when they jump in the piles that John creates, but still.
Lounging on the bags of leaves.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Jack-O-Lantern posing - take 1.
Take 2.
Obi-Wan Kenobi aka Teagan.
Qui-Gon Jinn aka Brody....although, Brody was just getting over his spell with H1N1...so he didn't get to go out trick-or-treating. :o( We may hit a few friends' houses later this week. He didn't even cry....what a good sport.

Happy #1 Birthday Kamryn!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!
She loved her presents.
She loved unwrapping them.
Teagan thought the whole cake thing was hilarious.
Kamryn loved her cake. So basically....she loved her birthday! Both boys ended up crying or really not enjoying their first cake, but Kamryn dug right in and enjoyed every bite.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Cow Train

The boys also loved this.
Brody was very excited to do it all by himself.

Corn Maze and Giant Slides

This is Brody, but both him and Teagan went down this gigantic slide several times. Brave Souls.
John with Kamryn.
Very fun.
This is the view Kamryn and I mostly saw through the corn maze. We just followed our family in front of us...they had a map.
Not sure if she truly enjoyed it. But the fresh air was nice and the day was very beautiful!!!

Fat Lip

(This has nothing on Ryan's fat lip, but still.) A couple weeks ago Brody came running out of the bathroom after his bath, wrapped in his towel. Instead of choosing the path through the carpeted hallway, he chose the kitchen. With little wet feet, the kitchen floor is mighty slippery. Brody fell flat on his face because his little arms were tucked snugly in his towel. Poor little guy. But it healed quickly.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Cutie patootie!
Giant cow at the state fair.
Brody the robot.
Brody and Kamryn sliding down the diaper box slide!
Sleeping Kamryn and Teagan showing off some of his fly moves!

More Kamryn

The boys were pretty excited that they taught Kamryn how to kiss....minus the open mouth and slobber.
Mmmmm. Crunchy snake.
One of Kamryn's most favorite toys. The box.
Mommy can not get enough of Kamryn's piggy tails!


She has become a Peek-a-boo expert.
Sooo big sitting in the batman chair all by herself.
Figured out how to slide down the diaper box. Totally fun game. Brody even joined her later.
What are you eating under there? Underwear?
First shoes.