Friday, June 25, 2010

A Little Like Mama

She is finally starting to look a little like her mama. Can't get enough of this girl!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little More Randomness

First real bath.

Gifts from Papa and Lola.....big success. Teagan wore his shirt for 3 days straight. Hmmmmm....some people's kids.

Just cute.

Old Man Hair

What? Are you talking about me? I have old man hair?!?!? WAAAAAAHHHHH!

Random Catch Up

We were so proud of Teagan for being chosen as the Student Of The Month....for being a great student and citizen. He was able to ride in a firetruck to City Hall and had lunch with the mayor. Way to go Teagan!
This boy was soooo excited...see him jumping into the truck?!?!
Sister is also proud.
Twinners. And oh so cute.
Love for Liam a couple days before he was born.
Yard work.
Brody helping Daddy. (notice the sicko teeth....strange child)

Welcome Back!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big #6

Happy Birthday Teagan! (Look at those dirty hands!)
Teagan turned 6 last week, had a few friends over for cake and ice cream, and enjoyed a beautiful day.
He wanted a Bakugan cake, but instead mommy made cupcakes and daddy bought a couple Bakugans to top them with. It worked. And Teagan seemed ok with it.

Can't believe we have a 6 year old in the house!!!


We are sooooo proud of Teagan for making it through Kindergarten. OK, it really was quite easy for him and he loved going to school and enjoyed his teacher. He even received every possible award at his little graduation program. He is one smart cookie and a good kid all around.
Checking out his Kinder-diploma. :o)
Daddy, Brody, and Kamryn enjoying (kind of) the program.
Look out 1st Grade!


We received a lovely surprise from my mom and big sister a couple weeks ago. Actually, my sister was surprised as well because her sweet husband set up the whole thing and sent them down from WA for a long weekend. It was such a nice gift and I didn't realize how much I needed it. ALL our kiddos loved having aunt JB around and every child needs their grandma! Dave (bro-in-law) deserves kudos for all the planning and arranging! THANK YOU DAVE!!!

Love for Liam

Our big kiddos are sooo in love with baby brother.

Olivia the Snail

Teagan found this snail outside and wanted to keep it as a pet. He said it was a girl and named her Olivia. He was very sad when he couldn't find her come day 2.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Couldn't Resist

Posting....just to post. Love this pic!