Sunday, February 6, 2011

Children's Museum

My sister's family gave us a year pass to a children's museum near us for Christmas. What a great gift!!! The kids loved it and Brody made a great doctor, Teagan a great scientist and Kamryn....well, she helped too.

Our first trip aunt Kati and uncle Brad joined us.....and boy was I glad they did. I guess there are no strollers allowed inside, so we had to carry Liam the whole time. Imagine me carrying him and chasing after the other 3 the entire time. Eeeeek!

(I'm not sure if he was supposed to be climbing on these things. Hmmmm.)

New Years

Liam and Daddy rockin out!
For New Years Eve we put on our leather pants, sparkly glitter make up, ratted our hair, and rocked out at my bro Tony's house. The kids tried destroying the rest of the house while us "grown ups" pretended to be rock stars for 4 hours. When midnight, we did not keep rocking. I guess we're too old, because we all went our separate ways and zonked out. But, it was fun while it lasted.

Brody is 4!!!!

Brody is 4! Can you believe it?!?! He couldn't decide on what kind of cake he wanted. He mention a house and he also mentioned a balloon cake...and about a gazillion other things. So, we decided to surprise him with the house from the movie "Up." With dum-dum suckers for balloons. I had a blast making it and best of all, Brody loved it!!
Grandma showing Brody his birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Brody-Bug! We are seriously so blessed to have you in our family. Love you!

Early Christmas

We celebrated an early Christmas with the kids, because we took a trip to WA for the 25th. John pieced together a computer for the kids....which Teagan thought was pretty cool.
One of Brody's favorite gifts was a bike from his cousin Eli and Gma & Gpa Langston.
Kamryn loved every single thing she opened.....and loves posing with her gifts.
The Pillow Pets were a huge hit! Thanks Gma and Gpa.


This was the best picture I could get of Teagan during his 1st grade winter music concert. He did a great job and I loved hearing him sing his little songs around the house all month long.
Brody with the Lego box stuck on his bum.
Brody tried to make 1/2 gallon of strawberry milk....and succeeded. If you think the table was a mess, you should have seen the floor........that's where Kamryn was trying to help.
Boots and one pink sock on your hand will NOT keep you warm during a Utah winter.

Thanksgiving 2010

I know I'm a little behind, but I still wanted to post our holiday pics. We spent Thanksgiving with John's family. We had tons of fun with John's sisters, the nieces and nephews, and Gma and Gpa, of course. Gma had the kids make gingerbread houses, which turned out great and the kids had a blast making them.

All the grandkids.