Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sprinkler Fun

I don't care that I don't get to run in the sprinkler....Mom let me bring my exersaucer outside!!!
Oh Teagan.
This boy could not run through without turning his face. Darn. I really wanted a cute smile from him. can totally tell that he was lovin it!
Can't tell as much that Brody loved it from this picture....but he absolutely did! And yes, I do feed my children, despite what those ribs say.

Little Pony

Kamryn is super excited to be able to wear her hair in a pony tail!!! Actually, she probably could have when she was a newborn, but just recently started trying it. Love that girl!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tree Climbing and Falling

The boys love our new trees!!!
Still smiling!
Look Mom, I'm flying!
Just plain cute.

Yard Work

Work it! Hehe.....that one is just for me.
John working on the garden....the boys, um, well helping.
Look at the jungle we (we....meaning John) had to mow down once we finally bought ourselves a lawnmower., green grass.

Giddy Up!

Brody loves riding on Teagan's back. Actually, Teagan may enjoy it even more. They can hardly keep it together from laughing so hard.

Very Cute...but......

Very cute...but...does this girl really have a chance with two older and wiser brothers? She is a good sport to play along.


So the brothers are not giving her much of a chance to be a little princess. But do I really care....not really.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Garbage Day

(Inspired by my cousin's garbage day post.)

I thought today was garbage day. I left a hungry 2 year old at the storm door, a very wet diapered 6 month old in her exersaucer, ran outside to our garbage can that was not only packed with our weeks worth of trash...but also a couple thousand pounds of yard trash. I rolled the beast to the curb....without a bra!!!!!....hoping the neighbors were not watching my well endowed self....and me wondering why only one of my neighbors had their can out on the curb. Sheesh! Tomorrow is garbage day. I do not know why my sleepy self didn't trust my hubby to get the garbage out.