Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Disneyland - Day 1

Liam was oh-so-tired from traveling that I don't think he was quite ready for the big day ahead of him.
Goofy was the first character we saw. John made the kids autograph books, so meeting the characters quickly became a favorite thing to do in the park...especially for Kamryn.
I'm sure Minnie Mouse appreciated the leg hug.
I think Brody is blushing a little.
Time to relax in Goofy's house.
Teagan napping....on a hard plastic couch.
Pluto was a favorite of Liam's.
John and Teagan blowing things up.
Liam is one tough cookie.
I debated on whether letting them out or not. Love Brody's face.
Kamryn and Ariel. This was the first princess Kamryn saw and I think she was a bit star-struck!
Kamryn steering a giant pirate ship.
Mommy and Kamryn on the pirate ship.
G'ma and Kamryn enjoying a rocket ride.
Daddy and Liam.
We were able to have all of John's family with us for the first 2 days of our trip. For dinner our first night we were able to visit Goofy's Kitchen. It was a dining with the characters sort of experience and everyone had a great time. And the food was delicious!
Ms Kamryn with Cinderella. I see a future for our girl here.
Kamryn and The Fairy Godmother.
Brody and Kamryn with Dale.
Liam feeding Kamryn his cupcake. I just thought this was awfully sweet.
Liam...after spreading dinner and dessert all over his handsome face.

It was a long, fun-filled first day.


Gassing up before heading to California. They all seem super excited, huh. least Brody does.
Instead of spending a gazillion $$$ at the Park, John made a trip to the D.I. and picked up stuffed animals, t-shirts, and a princess backpack for a total of $20. We laid them out in our room before the kiddos went in and surprised them. They were really happy and didn't even know the difference!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Preschool Field Trip

Liam, Kamryn, and I were lucky enough to join Brody's preschool on their very first field trip. We went to a farm where we were able to take a tractor ride to a pumpkin patch, choose our own pumpkins, and then enjoy the slides, rides, etc. Poor Liam spent most of the time in the stroller, but he didn't really complain...especially since he was able to snack on red frosted cookies.
Pig races.
Brody cheering for his favorite little piggy.
Kamryn might be wearing a skirt, but it won't stop her from climbing anything. She is her momma's girl...and daddy would be so proud.
Brody jumping into a corn kernel pit.
Kamryn sliding down the big slide.
Kamryn, Liam, and Brody on the tractor ride.
Liam checking out the big carrot.
It was a very successful field trip. The kids had a blast!

Back To School

This is kind of late...but I still wanted to post it. Brody has started preschool and LOVES IT! He is doing well and even behaves!
Love this goofy boy.
Teagan is in 2nd grade this year and is also doing really well. His behavior has gotten better since last year and is, of course, a really smart kiddo.
Since Teagan is in school and Brody is in preschool for a few hours each week, I have only Kamryn and Liam alone while the big boys are gone. As hard as it is to have the kids growing up...I'm kind of liking the refereeing break now and again.

Soccer Season

Soccer season is upon us again. And Brody is old enough to play on a team this year. He has seriously been so excited about this. Teagan's team is the Tigers. He is the orange one crouched down in the picture. Teagan is doing really well and has scored a couple of goals already.
Brody is usually the smallest kid in a group of his peers....but, he is the only boy on his soccer team that has his knees showing. So, amazingly enough, not the smallest. Brody's team is the Red Fire. This picture was taken right before he scored a goal. He has done really well and has scored goals each week. In fact, his last game he scored 3 goals in like 3 minutes. Pretty cool kid. I'm glad the boys are loving sports and we know we're blessed to be able to participate in so many healthy activities.

Some Firsts

One day I was in our basement working on some cub scout stuff and I kept hearing little feet running upstairs and a lot of giggling. I figured the kids were happy and getting along that I could finish my work. When I returned upstairs, I found the freezer and refrigerator doors wide open.....with completely empty shelves. Instead of flipping out....I quietly sent Brody and Kamryn to their rooms, so I could smile to myself and take pictures. We discussed why this was not the best idea and I had them help me put everything back. Amazingly enough....nothing spilled on my couches. Although, a small jar of yeast was spread all over the floor.....but not bad, considering what could have happened. This was a first...and hopefully a last.

Liam's first Pop-Rocks experience. Obviously he loved them.