Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swim Lessons

While in Washington, I also signed Teagan up for swim lessons. I signed him up for 2 weeks, but because of weather and being out of town one day and leaving for Utah the 2nd week, he really only got 4 days of lessons. But we also went swimming a few days on our own. Teagan did even better than I thought he would. Last summer I had to get in the water with him almost everyday, but this summer he did it all on his own (with his floaties-which were his favorite swimming buddy this summer). Brody also enjoyed the water...even though he was only in the baby pool...I never did brave trying on my swimsuit over my pregnant belly.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Anniversary #7

Our 7th anniversary was on July 13th. But because John was back to work in Utah and I was still visiting in Washington, we were apart...but plans are in the works for a hot date, hopefully soon. Anyway, my brother and his wife blessed their new baby this day and so we had more family all together. I loved this pic of a few of the cousins enjoying popsycles at my Grandma Anderson's house in Endicott.
And I had to post a pic of my sister, JB's, youngest babe, McKay. He is such a chunky monkey and so cute! McKay is 4 months and Brody 18 1/2 months....and nearly the same size.

Locked the keys in the car.

So, for the first time ever...I locked my keys in the car today. I was at a friends house for a meeting, with the kids, and put my keys in the diaperbag. Then I decided that I didn't want to drag the bag inside...just one more thing to carry. So I left the bag in the car and locked the doors from the inside of the car. I, of course, didn't realize this until our meeting was over and I was rounding up the kids to leave. But, my friend, Jenny, was very sweet and let me borrow her car to drive to John's work to get his keys. All the while leaving my kids at her house. I had also just offered to take her 3 oldest for a playdate, so she could have time alone with her brand new baby...but instead, she took my kids first. Ugh, sorry Jenny....but thanks for your help, you made it a low stress situation.

Cousin's Wedding

On July 12th, my cousin Matt was married to Lauren in my aunt Alicia's backyard in Spokane. Her yard/garden is beautiful and the wedding was as well. It was a simple ceremony and my mom the food was great too. I didn't get any shots of the actual ceremony, but took a few around the yard....but seem to be having trouble getting them to load.
My cousin, Mollie, lives next door to my aunt Alicia, so her yard became the daycare. They locked all the gates, except the one leading to Alicia's yard, so we felt very safe letting the children run and play in Mollie's yard all afternoon. Teagan hardly left this hammock, however. He thought it was the coolest thing.

And as moms, a few of us tended to congregate in Mollie's yard as well. It was a very nice wedding and afternoon all together.

Monday, July 28, 2008

4th of July

Ok, I know these are pretty lame pictures...but for some reason I didn't snap many shots on the 4th. I was busy chasing my boys around the school grounds in Endicott. They did love the fireworks, however. My bro Tony was in charge of the fireworks display this year and recruited my John-john to help. So I missed him for a couple days on our trip, because he was helping Tony prep for the show. And if you've never been to Endicott for the 4th of July, you're missing out. It is a classic small town event...even though people come from all over to attend. Teagan loved the fireworks, as did Brody, but Brody fell asleep towards the end. And I still had to give the boys 11pm baths because they had so much fun playing in the dirt as usual.
Teagan was also getting a bit sleepy.

More Evening Fun

Teagan loved the little kitties...and could rarely be seen without one in his arms....sun up to sun down.
The dirt pile is always a big hit.
My mom has some of the most beautiful views from her house. 3 sides of their property is surrounded by wheat fields. And she also has her own beautiful yard and garden (which I think the garden mostly belongs to Larry).

Evening Fun

A couple days into out trip, we were helping my mom do some work outside of her house and she found...let Teagan find....this little frog. Teagan thought it was so cool!!!

While we worked and Teagan played with the frog, Brody worked on getting dirty.
These little kitties were another main attraction on our visit, but were adopted out to new families after the first week that we were there. Teagan was a little heart broken.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Boyer Park

One day, while in Washington, we decided to take just our little family to Boyer Park, along the Snake River. We had a little picnic and then the boys enjoyed playing on the beach and in the water for hours.

After awhile of standing down by the water in the hot sun, this pregnant mommy needed to sit back down in the shade. John was Super Dad and played with the boys for a couple hours in the sun. I put sunscreen on the boys, but Daddy thought he would keep his shirt on...but that was not the case and he ended up getting a nice burn on his back and shoulders. The boys appreciated the sacrifice though.

Teagan at the river

It took Teagan a little while to warm up to the water. He started by just putting his feet in and playing with his dinosaurs.
Then he got all the way up to his shoulders. This is a big accomplishment for him, since he is usually not the biggest fan of water.
I think the arm floaties gave him some reassurance.
Like Father like Son.

Brody at the River

Brody loved the water and is standing here on a big rock.

This is Brody making a collection of rocks on the beach.

Birthday Party in WA

Our trip to Washington was fun and packed full of activities. It all started off the evening we arrived at my moms'. We had a combined birthday party for Teagan and his cousin Kiya. School bus Grandma (that's what Teagan calls my mom, b/c she is a school bus driver) made Teagan a caterpillar cake and made Kiya a barbie cake.

And even after receiving some pretty cool presents, Teagan always seems to get really excited over birthday money!

Birthday Wedding

Also on my birthday we attended a wedding reception for my dad's wife's son....technically my step-brother, DJ. It was in a pretty garden area and Teagan and Brody enjoyed playing in the dirt with cousins that they'd never met. But they didn't seem to mind.

Birthday Party

So June 28th was my birthday, but we had a day filled with all sorts of other activities. These pics are from a little friends' birthday party. Brody enjoyed the basketball hoop and just look at that follow through. Teagan tried and tried to catch an apple in the pool....but ended up giving up after awhile. But he did also like the slip-n-slide.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We're Back

We have been in Washington the last 3 1/2 weeks and just returned yesterday. We visited family/friends and had a great time in Endicott. As soon as I'm a little more settled, I'll start posting fun pictures from our trip. But it's nice to be back home and sleep in my own bed.