Monday, March 14, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

Of course I want to take a picture of your hands full of worms!
I'm not quite sure what Brody was doing...but I looked out the window and saw him walking around with the tomato cage around his body. I'm sure he was a robot or trapped by an alien or something.
Chunky Monkey and his kissable face!
All 3 boys pretending to fly an airplane. Liam actually was LOVING this!

Tears, Talent, and Teeth

Things can get a little rough at our house with all the crazy boys (although Kamryn can hold her own).
The tears didn't last long and the fight was back on.
Teagan had a big part in his class performance for Literacy Night at school. (And yes, Kamryn snuck her way up there and hung out for a few minutes until Mom gave Dad the eye and he took her out of the spotlight.)
Teagan was AWESOME!
#1 baby tooth is gone!!! Teagan was soooo excited and received $1 from the Tooth Fairy.

February in a Nut Shell

We had lots of snow in February. And we love it at our house.
I seriously have an awesome husband. He came home from his early church meetings and shoveled the driveway and sidewalks in his suit, so I didn't have to do it. Love him!
Where's Waldo?...I mean Liam?
And......we got a new fridge!

Cute, Cute Kids

This is a new favorite activity to gets the wiggles out before bedtime at our house. Brody is not quite tall enough for Teagan's technique and Kamryn is not quite tall enough for Brody's technique. But Kamryn enjoys risking her life by running underneath her big bros as they do their thing.
Seriously....have you ever seen anything cuter than our beautiful girl?!?!?
We are so lucky to have such happy kiddos.
Ok....sometimes they can veer to the dark side, but still seriously cute.

Boys, Bikes, and Beans

Liam only wants to eat if he can feed himself....and refried beans are a favorite.
Here are the pictures to prove it. Teagan is now training wheel free. (And Mom taught him how to do it!!!)
I don't know who was more excited...Mom or Teagan!
Brody has graduated from his 3 wheeler (tricycle) to his 4 wheeler (2 wheels w/training wheels)....and can't be happier.