Friday, April 2, 2010

New Easter Digs

I'm sure that I'll post Easter Egg Hunt pictures later....but just wanted to post these so the G'parents could see these cutsie kiddos in their new, clean Easter clothes.

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

A friend of ours came up with some free family passes for a day at the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. So a week before they expired, we decided to ride the Front Runner down to SLC and enjoy the afternoon at the museum. The pictures really say it all. The kids loved it! And we even went to one of mommy & daddy's favorite places for dinner - PF Chang's. The boys also especially loved the train ride down and back - can't believe I forgot to take pictures of that!!!
Treehouse - just Kamryn's size.

Water fun!

Brody could have stayed all day at the little grocery store area. He would fill up his basket with yummy plastic food, pretend to pay for it at the cash register, then put it back on the shelves again. He did this over and over. School-bus Grandma in Washington will soon have a kiddo who would love to help out at her store.
Teagan could have spent all day in the helicopter.

Where the wild things are.

They had sooo much fun. John and I even enjoyed ourselves.

Daddy's Girl

This mommy really could go to bed at 9pm every night because this little girl loves spending her pre-bedtime with her daddy. And he rarely complains.