Monday, July 26, 2010

A Successful Day At Lagoon

Teagan, standing around with his finger in his nose.
Besides a frantic 10 minutes when we lost Brody, we had a very enjoyable day.
These boys are lucky to have such a great Daddy.
Totally soaked.
Totally stoked.
A ride with Momma.
Kamryn, pretending to enjoy her day in the stroller.
Too cute.

Things We Love About School-Bus Grandma's

The animals.
Cousins and cupcakes.
Rides @ Grandma's store.
Grandma's store.
Did I already say Grandma?
Playing in the dirt/mud.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kids Will Be Kids

What are you supposed to do when Mom hasn't got the pool set up yet and you reeeeally want to swim? You dump all the toys out of the outside toy bucket and fill it up with water, of course.
Yes. Those are shoes over her little Pj'd feet. And yes. She wore them to bed.

Old Fashioned 4th of July

Kamryn finally stopped throwing her "I'm freaking tired" fit and enjoyed the fireworks. Even baby Liam stopped to enjoy them as well. My bro Tony (with my john-john's help) put on an excellent firework display for the community....but I, of course, didn't get pics of them.
Brody, Teagan, and friend (Benjamin) watching the fireworks.
Sparklers with gma Lola.
My mom and sis-in-law, Nancy, belly dancing as part of the night's entertainment. We were so impressed with Mom and her bravery!
Cuddling with PaPa Nick.
Did I mention it had to be the coldest 4th I can remember?!?
Teagan and his cousin, Bryson, were one of the winners in the water balloon toss contest. Makes a mama so proud. :o)
Teagan playing 1st base during the community (mostly kids participated this year) softball game.
Brody playing 1st. He looks like a pro.
July 3rd we were in Spokane with Papa and Lola. This is basically what we saw of Kamryn as she explored Riverfront Park.
Brody boxing. hehe
Brody and Teagan got snakes painted on their arms and Kamryn got a little red balloon on her hand. So much for the popular face kids like to be different. It was a fun day.
The whole weekend was great... Fast, but great.