Monday, November 5, 2012

End of Summer Randoms

 I know these are a little out of order...but here they are anyway.  This was a beautiful, harvest summer night.  The picture does not do this brilliant sun justice.
 I can't remember what these guys were working on, but I thought it was sweet or nostalgic or something seeing them there laying in the sun on their lunch break, just outside our window.
 We took a day to hit Silverwood before school started.  Teagan was great and so responsible.  So fun to watch this growing kiddo.
 Liam was so brave and did every ride that he could.  Brody gave his mama a scare on the very first ride we took...Timber Terror, which is an old wood and rail roller coaster.  He met the height restriction, but apparently he was just too skinny for the seat belt to hold him in securely because a couple seconds into the ride the belt was up by his armpits and he was falling out!!!  He screamed with that terrible, frightened cry and I just grabbed his arm as fast as I could and told him that I wouldn't let go.  I about lost it when we finally stopped.  It may have been the scariest moment in mine and Brody's life.  Hate those heartsick scared out of your pants moments, especially when it involves your child.
 Brody and Kamryn also ended up not feeling well this day at Silverwood, but with a little tylenol, they were able to enjoy a little time here and there.
 Right before school started we were able to watch the Threshing Bee at the fairgrounds.  My mom did the food for the Plowing Bee and the Threshing Bee and I helped her.  Since we were out there, John brought the kids out to watch the action.  They had a whole bunch of old tractors and combines on display and the kids loved them.
 We were also able to take a hay ride out into the field to observe the harvest a little more up close.  Nancy, Ryan, Avery, and Sophie joined us.  It was pretty cool.
 We really do have the sweetest kiddos.  I'm glad we're able to do these fun things together as a family.
This was some hard work.  Our farmers work hard these days as well....but holy cow, the hours and physical labor put into farming way back when.....tough job.