Monday, August 25, 2008

Handsome Dude

Teagan just received a box of clothes from his cousin, Eli. He loves his cousin and loves his clothes. He especially loved his new church clothes. He even walked around the house before church with his arms folded...being so reverent. And believe it or not, he tried really hard to be reverent in church yesterday as well. Clothes really can have an influence on behavior. Thanks Lisa and Kent for keeping my boys clothed!!!

Dino Museum

Because it was stinkin hot outside...we spent the majority of our time in the museum at the Dinosaur Park.

So this isn't the best picture...but you gotta do the classic head through the hole pics.

Dinosaur Park

Saturday we also took the boys to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden. Teagan loves the mechanical dinosaurs in the museum building. They move a little and growl, etc.

Flight Simulator

John and the boys also really enjoyed flying on the flight simulator.
You were supposed to be 8 years old to fly...but John was able to hold the boys on his lap.

Ready For Take Off

The kids were able to sit in a cockpit and do their magic. It was tough getting Teagan in at idea why...but 10 times harder to get him out. Teagan seemed to know what all the buttons and switches did...and he even dropped a few bombs, he said.

Brody knew exactly what he was doing.

Air Force Museum, #2 trip

Saturday we met some friends at the Hill Air Force Museum. There were a few things we missed on our last visit...including all the fun stuff for the kids!!! They were able to dress up in these jump suits, and they thought that was pretty cool.

Davin, Jaysha, Brody, and Teagan. Brynleigh wasn't feeling up to picture posing.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Love Affair

If you ask Teagan what his favorite part of the fair was, he'd say the little goat that licked his hand.
They became inseparable and Teagan finally just plopped himself down next to the little goat.
And the goat actually loved Teagan too.
Sweet, sweet boy.

Brody at the Petting Zoo

I couldn't resist posting this shot of Brody and the little pig.

This is not the best angle, but Brody gave his loves to many of the animals.

Petting Zoo

This was Teagan and Brody's favorite part of the fair...hands down. What little boy can resist a petting zoo.
We spent a large majority of our morning hanging out with these animals.
And what mother can resist cute kids with cute animals.

Creature Encounters

At the fair they had a tent with 'Creature Encounters' that our boys also loved. A giant turtle kinda just roamed the area leaving plenty of space for the kids to touch and feel.
Teagan just totally surprised me with all the brave things that he did at the fair. This is him holding a tarantula. He didn't even hesitate...even though mom cringed a little.
This is Daddy and Brody holding the tarantula...Brody mostly just pet it.
And it can't be a creature encounter without a giant snake or two.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Can I just say......."Awwwwwww." Teagan even started narrating to Brody what we were going to do next. John kinda rolled his eyes when I whipped out the camera....but moms love these moments. It's almost bringing a little tear to my eye right now.

Pony Ride

The boys could not wait to ride the ponies. I thought at least one or both of them might quickly change their mind as they finally approached the pony they were to ride....but they both got right on and were total pros! John didn't even have to hang on to Brody...he just thought it was so natural. And Teagan, who tends to be a little more cautious than Brody, did awesome. He giggled through the whole thing and didn't need a bit of help. Yeehaw!

Teagan's One and Only Ride

We went to the Davis County Fair yesterday. Can you say...holy expensive! It was $3 just for this one little he only got to choose one. But he loved it and thought he was so cool! Luckily the admission into the fair was free.

Modern Art by Teagan

One day while Brody was taking a nap, Teagan decided that he wanted to color. I said ok, then went about getting the things done that I try to do while Brody sleeps. A couple minutes later I hear all the color pencils being dropped out of the baggy. As I get myself ready to grump at Teagan for making a 'huge' mess, I come in to witness this. Yes, he writes his name backwards, but it was so neat that I didn't grump at all. Then when he did the little guy...he said, "Mom, this is Michaelangelo." I was like - whoa, my child is a an art prodigy.....but then he said Michaelangelo is a ninja turtle. So.....ya, but still I love his art work. And when Brody woke up, he even shared the pencils and coloring book. Sweet boys.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rock Band, Rock Band, Party Time, Excellent!

John gave me Rock Band for mother's day. I have to admit....I usually end up laying on the couch singing while the boys do the rockin! But, they are really fun to watch. They both love the drums and they both totally rock out with the guitar..including head banging, knee dipping, and even the occasional spin move. These boys are ready for the stage. I love it! If anyone wants to come jam with us, just let me know!

Bees Game

Saturday we took the boys to a Bees baseball game. They, of course, loved it. Teagan already had his mini red bat from last year, so we bought Brody one too. They, of course, love them too...although they do get a little rough with them and usually end up getting them taken away after a while. But we had tons of fun, the Bees lost and we were rained on, but still tons of fun. My boys could play baseball all day....they take after their daddy in that aspect for sure.