Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Finally Got It!

Hmmmm...should I make my mommy seriously happy by letting her take a picture of me smiling?
Well, ok!
How's this mom?
Oh, I'm hilarious!!!!!!
And I'm a bit of a goof! Hope you're happy with these, Mom!

Some Fun Shots

Apparently Brody was not feeling like tater tot casserole.
Teagan and Brody love the Ghostbusters! And love to pretend to be Ghostbusters!
Yes, that is a monkey on Brody's back. The boys even walked around with their guns in their back packs like the Ghostbusters..and notice the boots. -I forget what they actually call the guns and packs on the show. :o) (Try not to notice Brody's outfit...he picked it out himself!)
Books, books, books. Teagan was sweetly 'reading' to Kamryn...all about traveling in the magic school bus-discovering dinosaurs!


Yes, this is what it looks like. Despite me rolling my eyes...John thought it would be fun to play basketball with Kamryn. However, I did involved myself by taking a picture.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Walking With Dinosaurs!!!

Last week, John, Aunt Kati, Brad, and Teagan went to Walking With Dinosaurs. Teagan loved it and could not stop talking about it. But their seats were really high in the I took Teagan and Brody both on Saturday. They both loved it!
The couple in front of us were amazed with the information flying out of Teagan's mouth...he was very entertaining!

Thanks Aunt Kati for sharing your won tickets and thanks to Grandma and Papa at the ranch for the Saturday tickets for Christmas! The boys will certainly not forget this fun outing!

Dino Reactions

Some of these are pretty flash photography was allowed...but I wanted to share some reactions to the dinosaurs.

Teagan talked through the whole show...he gave as much information as the guy narrating the thing.
We had tons of fun!

Our Beautiful Girl

Isn't she the cutest thing?!?!

Daddy thinks so!

Guess What I'm Eating?

One day last week, we had taco sundaes (like a taco salad, but with rice instead of chips or a tortilla shell). Brody wanted to try some onions. These were raw onions. They were cut very small...but still raw onions. He loved them and about finished off the bowl. Mmmmmm.

Silly Boys

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy People

I was just thinking of an experience I had at the post office the other day. I had a notice that I had a package waiting to be picked up at the post I drove in quite a bit of falling snow to the post office and after standing in quite a long line (this was a couple weeks -after- Christmas) I finally got to the counter. I really wasn't bugged by the wait...I'm usually quite patient...anyway, I gave the girl my notice and she walked to the back. After she went behind the main wall...I saw this postal worker skipping. Yes, I said skipping. She apparently was loving her job and loving the fact that she was able to take a little trip to the back room to get my package. It was a very happy skip and seriously made my day. I didn't mention anything to her...fearing that I'd maybe embarrass her or something...but it totally made me smile. Happy People Skip!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is what happened when I tried to take a picture of John and I. Too close?
That's better. (Although...not diggin the glare on my glasses.) Happy Birthday Brody!

Happy #2 Birthday Brody!!!

Fun, fun puzzles!
After Christmas....Brody was a pro at unwrapping presents....if only mommy didn't use so much stinkin' tape!
Yes, Kamryn was there too.
Don't forget Teagan. Grandma and Papa gave Teagan a birthday present to share with Brody.

Birthday Cake!

We all loved it!
Brody loved it! And dug right in!
Blowing out the candles.
The boys waiting patiently to devour the cake.

The Cake

Thank you Grandma and Aunt Kati for making Brody's basketball birthday cake.
Kati lending her expertise.
Teagan helping too.
Grandma making Brody's basketball birthday cake.

Sweet Babe

I found this on the camera...Daddy must have taken this sweet.

Fun Sledding

John had a nice 4 day the day after Christmas he took the boys sledding. They had the best time! Kamryn and I sat in the warm car and tried to get a few pictures...but it was getting dark, so they didn't turn out so great. Thanks go out to our Secret Santa for supplying the sled!
This was the perfect size sledding hill for the boys.
Brody even went down by himself......once.

Teagan seemed to be a pro.


Grandma and Grandpa at the Ranch gave Brody a basketball set...which probably wins the prize for favorite gift!!!
Also, Santa brought the boys robots. They also LOVE these noisy things!

Santa took this pic Christmas Eve.

Movie Time

Teagan and Brody LOVE their new nap mats from our Secret Santa. Perfect for popcorn and movie watching.

Big Brother

Teagan is so sweet to his baby sister. He often talks to her and makes her smile and she also loves talking back to him. This pic is of Teagan trying to help Kamryn enjoy her tummy time.