Monday, March 19, 2012


I forgot to mention in my previous post...that we have a big bathroom/laundry room, big walk-in-closet (which currently acts as kids toy/playroom), and a big walk in pantry. I'll take the drafty walls/floors for all the space. :o)

Our "New" Home Sweet Home

Well, here it is. For those of you who have been wondering where we really disappeared to, this is our new home. This is my mom's store and we are living upstairs in the back 1/3 of the building. It's large, spacious, convenient, and drafty...not to mention, free at the moment...thanks to my very sweet, charitable mama.
31 steps. 31 steps every time you want to come in or out of the apartment. Although, it's not too bad, unless your arms are full of groceries, children, or anything else. I keep a child lock on the door to the apartment because I am terribly afraid of Liam falling....because, seriously we had 13 steps before at our old house...and this is 31!!! I'm the only one who has bit it hard, so far. And luckily I was going up the steps. But I still had a whopper of a bruise on my leg and arm that hurt for a couple weeks. (That's what I get for thinking I can run all the way UP the stairs without my legs going a little funny and losing 1/2 inch lift.)

This is one view...on a rainy day. (For those who are not farm savvy...those are grain elevators in the background.)
This is another view...which I can watch Teagan on his walks to school from....all by himself! This would be the local gas pumps--credit card only....and the school bus office/garage. The school is a few blocks behind, where all the big trees are.
All 4 kiddos share a room.
And there's even open carpet space for playing.
John and I are currently sharing a bedroom with our dining room. The other room with the apartment is basically outside of the apartment and frankly, I didn't want to have to run a giant circle to reach my screaming kids in the middle of the night....or worse, they try to come find me and tumble down the 31 stairs!!!! So, we are happily cozy in the dining area.
Pretty big functioning kitchen....yes, that's a dishwasher! Who would have thought a building built in 1905, in Endicott, would have a posh apartment with a dishwasher in it one day?!?!
Kitchen looking into the dining/bedroom.
Entry in to the living room. Ignore the boxes. Look at the cute children, instead.
Living room w/fireplace and our desks.
Living room again.
Living room again....and can you say "holy giant windows!"

So that's it. Our "New" Home Sweet Home. We're happy and getting settled in. Still job searching, but kinda enjoying our together-family-time as well.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Birds

This was in Utah in December, but I forgot to post these pics and I thought they were pretty cool. We thought it was hailing or raining really hard this particular morning, but when we opened the curtains, this is what we found. Pretty cool, yet a little creepy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Toothless Teagan

So far, Teagan has lost 5 teeth. This week he lost his 2nd top tooth. He was so excited because he lost it at school during his science class.
I tried to get a good picture.....

getting this boy to smile, his normal like trying to pull teeth. ;o)


These are the moments I live for. I love seeing my children getting along. Their legs are even touching and yet, they are still alive and enjoying a book together.

February Randoms

Since John was in Washington on Valentine's Day, the kids and I decided to send him a sweet little card. This is what we came up with (with a little help from Pinterest).

Teagan found a new favorite place to read. Liam found a new favorite place to nap.

Teagan-getting ready to ride in the cop car to the city hall to have lunch with the mayor. He was so excited to have earned Student of the Month again.

A couple days after we arrived in Washington, Teagan lost his first top tooth. He walked around for over an hour with floss tied around it and finally mom couldn't handle it and caught him off guard by reaching over and yanking it out. Mean mom. He cried for a minute, but then was super excited!

Dancing Kamryn

Before we knew we would be moving, we signed Kamryn up for a dance class. And even though she missed her last couple classes, we still let her do it and she LOVED it.
She was a natural and listened intently to her teacher.

Look at those pointed toes!
Oh, this girl is terribly cute!