Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We were lucky enough to be able to find some time to spend on the family ranch over the weekend. We all really enjoyed ourselves. It's so nice to get some fresh air and get a little dirty...all while visiting Gma and Papa at the same time. It was incredibly windy the entire weekend...but it didn't stop us, although it took Liam's breath away a few times.
All of our kiddos love animals. And Liam is no different. This calf, April, spent a lot of time at the ranch house with Gma and Papa....so, she thinks she is a pet and loves attention.
The kids were able to ride the horses....which they love. Brody was a little scared/nervous at first...and giggled nervously throughout his rides. But it was so cute.
Note to Brody-------Mommy has never really been a fan of horses, so I think you are AWESOME for even doing it!
Aunt Kati helped with the horse rides. She is so special to my kids. They love her.
Brody the Super Cowboy...cape and all.
Teagan did his part to help too.
Teagan was so excited to visit the ranch. He even wore his super tight Wrangler jeans. (At the end of the day....mom and Teagan both decided that it would be the last day for the jeans, until they are passed down to Brody. I told him when they are hurting your privates, they are too tight.)
So happy. Just where he wanted to be.
Teagan and Kamryn. Seriously cute to watch them ride together.
This girl has no fear. She was practically on a horse before I even got out of the car. So glad that my kids can experience these things.
Kamryn loves her daddy. And I loved watching John walk the kids around on the horses. I had such sweet, content feelings during our time with the horse rides. We are truly blessed and I am so grateful for my husband and beautiful, healthy children.
We are also blessed to have Gma. The kids love her to death and talk about her all the time. She is one of those Gmas that will play and play and play with the kids. Anything to spend time with them. She'll even volunteer to change a stinky diaper to spend time with them. We're lucky to have her.
As we were driving out to see the horses, Teagan said, "I've always been a cowboy." It was so cute.
Daddy, Liam, and April.
Teagan, Kamryn, and the binoculars. I'm thinking that he had them backwards most of the time...but still had a good time playing with them.
Papa taking a break after branding cattle. This is how a cowboy naps.
At the ranch we stayed in the camping trailer. It was nice to be loud and obnoxious and to have a little space of our own at the end of the day. And the kids thought it was soooo cool.
The 3 older kids slept on the bunks and had such fun doing so.
Kamryn's favorite part of the trailer was probably looking at herself in the mirror. I caught her several times making faces, looking at her teeth, or flipping her hair around. It was pretty funny.

So, we were able to enjoy time at the ranch and also see John's Gma and Great Aunt Leathra. We also had time at the cemetary where John's baby sister, Gpa, and other relatives are buried. All in all.....it was an awesome weekend.

Walking?.....not quite.

He's not quite walking...but Liam has officially taken his first steps. He's even got enough balance to dance in place without assistance. Look how proud and excited he is!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

U2 and The Fray

I was soooo excited to get a call from our local radio station (99.5) telling me that I won tickets to the U2 concert and tailgate party. John and I were kind of loners at the tailgate party, but hey--they fed us. :o) But more than anything...we were able to go to the concert!!!
The concert was AWESOME! And John even started moving a little towards the end.
All of the aging men in U2 are VERY good looking and well, also talented.
Ahhhh...I cannot tell you how sweet this was for me.
Someone really got their Geek on because the show had all sorts of amazing technical aspects. I'm not sure if 'aspects' is the right word...but you know what I mean.
Classic Bono.
I'm really trying to hold my gigantic smile in.
And The Fray... they also did not disappoint. So much fun....AWESOME concert!
***Thank you Kati & Brad for babysitting!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Liam!!!

I really can't believe my baby is already 1!!!!! Gma and Papa came up for a quick birthday visit...which the kids always love. This pic is of Papa and the older kiddos enjoying a movie and apples. The kids kinda like their papa....can you tell?
Oh-happy boy with his birthday gifts. We actually had a BBQ and cake earlier in the day...but after Liam dug into his cake...he had had enough and took a nap before opening his presents. And I only have the 'eating of the cake' on video...and I'm not sure how to put it on here...so let's just say, he enjoyed it.

Love this boy!
Happy first birthday, sweet Liam. We love you and are sooo happy that you are part of our family!
Caterpillar cake.....Liam ate the head.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

John actually gave me these flowers the day before Mother's Day. He is redoing our front yard and therefore tearing everything up. So, in the middle of all of his hard work, he picked a few of our tulips and put them in a vase just for me.
And even though we were all sick on Mother's Day...John still made me the most delicious breakfast. Poppy seed crepes with strawberries and cream and raspberry-lemon muffins. Yes, I married well.

Liam Laughs

Liam is so stinkin cute and makes us smile every day. This is after his 3rd hair cut.
Love this baby boy!
What's so funny?.....Teagan thought he was hilarious putting his shoes on Liam. It actually does look pretty goofy.

Easter, etc.

Kamryn could not wait to go out for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.
Aunt Kati helped Liam in his quest for eggs.
And she's off!
The boys, of course, also love looking for eggs. We missed one, but Teagan found it a couple weeks later...and said that him and Brody shared the chocolate inside. ;o)
Egg hunt done...time for church.
Lucky kiddos with their buckets full of surprises. Liam is the only one looking and smiling at the camera....and he didn't even have a bucket.
A few days before Easter we had some friends over for a messy peanut butter bird feeder craft. Fun, fun! The kids had no problem cleaning-licking up their fingers after they were finished.

March Round-Up

Such a good daddy to fix Brody's chain. Such an interested Brody, watching his daddy work.
No, this really was taken in March, not October...but Brody and Kamryn are so cute, it's hard to say no to them. I'm pretty sure it was snowing outside too....but Kamryn was happy in her little ballerina get-up.
Teagan lost tooth #2!!!
Leprechaun Teagan wore his soccer uniform with his socks pulled up to his thighs for St. Patty's Day....by his own free will and choice. He's posing with his leprechaun trap that daddy helped him make for school.