Sunday, April 29, 2012

Terrible Mother Moment

Brody was taking forever in the bathroom tonight before bed, so I went to check on him and found him asleep on the toilet. So, of course, I grabbed my camera to take a quick picture before waking him up. After I snapped the shot....I noticed that his hand was completely purple with little white spots on it...obviously cut off from blood circulation. Kinda freaked me out. Made me feel really bad that I took the time to grab my camera and indulge in a cute picture....which actually looks a bit creepy with the purple hand. Eeeeeeee!

Easter 2012

 We took the kiddos to our community Easter Egg Hunt....and well, didn't get many pictures because all the kids went at the same time and they were too fast!!!  But, they came home with tons of teeth-rotting treats and big smiles!

 Easter morning, the Easter Bunny left the kids some new toys, etc in their buckets and also hid a few eggs around the apartment.
 Starting the search.
 Cute child.
 Weird child.
 What's in the "golden egg?"
A whole dollar!  $$$

How We Do Breakfast

 Stocking caps are optional at our breakfast table.
No elbows allowed on the table....that would be improper.