Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gas Pumping Lesson

We went out to dinner last night as an early birthday celebration for me, because we are going to be very busy this weekend. Anyway, on our way home, we stopped for gas and Teagan asked his daddy if he could get out of the car with him. Usually we both just say, "No, we'll just be a minute. Stay in your seat." But John was being very sweet and patient and let Teagan out of the car. I loved being able to witness Teagan and his sweet daddy having a gas pumping lesson and moving on to washing all the windows. The look on Teagan's face was priceless. His smile was so big. He knew what a special treat it was, even though it was simply pumping gas and cleaning windows. I feel very blessed to have such sweet children and a husband that loves to spend time with them and teaching them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Winter boots in June

Brody has got to be one of the funniest kids I've ever met. Any shoe that he can put on himself, he loves. So he was walking around in Teagan's Spiderman snow boots the other day, well, at least trying to walk in them. They went so far up his legs, he couldn't bend his knees. So when he would fall over, which was quite often, he had a really tough time getting back up.

Beatin the Heat

What's better than a kiddie pool on the hot days of summer. Teagan and Brody had a great time playing with their friends Gauge, Ella, and Eric in Ella's new pool. When the 3 big kids were sitting on the side of the pool, they would bounce up and down, making a wave pool. Tons of fun!!!

Indiana Jones

Teagan has been pretending to be Indiana Jones lately and what a better way than to swing around on rope (whip)!!! Now that he's tried my friend's rope swing, they might not get us out of their yard this summer.

Kiddie Bike Parade

One of my friends put together a little morning kiddie bike parade and the kids loved it. We decorated helmets and bikes and took to the streets (sidewalks). Then we all had popsicles after going up and down a couple of our culdesacs. We even had other neighbors without kids watching from their front yards/porches. The kids had tons of fun and it was simple to put together.

Boys n bugs n things

Our boys, like most boys, love bugs n things. Teagan is a champion Rolie Polie bug collector and Brody is learning the trade very quickly. Worms are another favorite.

Father's Day

Here are some pics from Father's Day. Daddy got a new tool box and a couple new tools. The boys loved playing with the new tool box and helping Daddy reorganize his tools. We also had a really yummy dinner of BBQ ribs. I made all the other food that day, but I could never BBQ as well as John, so he also helped out with dinner. It was a fun and relaxing day.


Brody was loving wearing part of this dinosaur costume one of Teagan's friends brought over the other day. Teagan and Gauge (Teagan's buddy) also loved being attacked by the Brodasaurus.