Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Pic

Our cute boys after their successful egg hunt.

Easter Fun

The Easter bunny visited our house last night, left fun baskets full of candy, eggs, and a stuffed animal for each boy...which really, neither of my crazy boys need candy and I'm not a big fan of stuffed animals...but the Easter bunny was hormonal and probably wasn't thinking real clear when she/he put together those baskets. But the boys have had fun. Teagan and Brody both loved the Easter egg hunt we had before church this morning. And Brody actually got the whole idea of it and made off with a pretty good haul. And plastic eggs have colored our livingroom, kitchen, and bedroom floors all day. In fact, it 9:30 ish-pm and Brody is still sitting on the floor playing with and stacking them together. I didn't check, but Teagan probably went to bed with at least one also. It's been a fun day and we also had John's mom and sister, Kati, over to spend all day with us. So that made it even better. And John's mom is always so good to spend tons of time playing with the boys...even on the floor...crawling around with a fireman hat on and pushing superman and batman around in a tiny little jeep...not much leg room for those big guys. Gotta love Grandma!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brand new at this!

So, several people have wanted us to start our own blog to keep up with our little family. So here I am trying it, for the first time.
Our little family is growing and happy. John is working hard doing his graphic design work. Tia is feeling not-so-great....expecting a new baby in October, but excited. Teagan is so smart and has a great imagination...not sure if it's just been forced from having to play with the same toys inside all winter long, but he still seems to be happy. Brody is quite funny and is climbing on everything. Darn, he can finally climb on the couch without a boost or a box pushed up to the cushions. And safety gates seem to be pushed down way too easily for this little man.
We came back from a week long trip this last weekend. We traveled to Galt, California for 3 days, Oregon coast for a day, Seattle for a day, Endicott, Washington for a couple days, then to Spokane, then home to Bountiful. It was a lot of driving, but the boys did surprisingly well. Teagan made fast friends with our new portable DVD player and Brody....well, he didn't have as much fun in the car, but did pretty well. And we all had fun visiting cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Fun fun.