Friday, June 22, 2012

Princess Cake

I think I'm getting the hang of this whole cake decorating thing.  This was my first barbie/princess cake...made for my niece, Sophie.  A friend that attended the party thought it was just a doll or something.  I thought he was going to freak out when he learned it was a cake and frosting.  :o)  It was pretty funny.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hair Cut---finally!

Teagan had decided that he wanted to grow his hair out...and since he has hair like his mother, it grows quickly and is thick.  I wasn't loving it, but Teagan seemed to.  When it finally started getting warm, we told him that he needed to have it cut for the summer.  He wasn't thrilled, but we told him that he could grow it out again after school starts again, if he wants.  So, of course, before we cut it, I had to see if it would hold some little piggy tails....and it certainly did.

Do I have to?

No more bad attitude here. 

Well, maybe this is bad attitude, but looks more like Gollum, from Lord of the Rings, to me.

I don't have an after picture....but I've posted some recent pictures since the hair cut.  Such a happy, strange child.

Memorial Weekend

What do you do when you've been planning to go camping with Gma and Papa Larry, but then you have sick kiddos???  You set up a tent in the living room, of course.

It's warm, comfy, with hot running water, electricity, flushing toilets, and no bugs.  Look how happy they are.  Thanks Daddy for making it a fun night.

Baseball Season

Teagan was super excited to start baseball this year!  It's, of course, different from our couple years of soccer, but he's loving it.  And John says that Teagan could make a really good catcher.  Doesn't he look cute in his catchers gear!?!?  I know, such a mom thing to say.

Contact!  (Always exciting!)

John is Teagan's coach.  And they play in the Coach Pitch league.  So, pretty cool to have your dad pitching to you.

Re-hydrating.  He's so responsible.  ;o)

Ready to run home.  *Oh--at his game last week, Teagan got a "home run".....which really means that the ball kept being overthrown and not caught by the other team......but a home run, none the less.  Teagan was soooo excited and, of course, let everyone know.

Brody is playing T-ball this year.  Look at that form!  He's a natural.  And even though he's left handed...and bats left handed...he doesn't like wearing the left-handed mitt.  So he's still throwing right handed.  But, obviously doing just fine!

Ready position.  ;o)

I love watching him bat.  He's so focused....even with his helmet all wonky.

Good stop!

Terrily cute.  Love this kid!

Eight is Great!!!

My first born turned 8 today.  *sigh*  I love him.  I could never express what my children really mean to me.

I love how Kamryn is trying to help and Daddy doesn't think that's such a good idea.
Teagan asked for a Ninjago cake.  I had some big plans, but ran out of time.  It still turned out pretty cool and Teagan loved it!

Teagan and Uncle Greg opening presents.

Ready for cub scouts!

Pirates of the Caribbean game for the wii.....what?!?!?!?

Boo!  Mom and Dad gave me a gazillion presents for my birthday.  (He's such a wierdo.)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEAGAN!!!

Of course the party didn't stop after BBQ, cake, ice cream, and presents.  Time for horsey rides from Uncle Greg.

Seriously....Brody could not get enough of his Unky G.

Charlotte is always a good sport too.

Just had to get a picture with the 4 of us Anderson kids.  I've decided that us girls might need to start thinking about following Tony's lead and spending a little time on our hair.  So fun to be together!  Thanks Teagan, for having a Birthday! 
I almost forgot!  We were able to bring cupcakes to Teagan's school to celebrate as well.  This is a first for us, because when we lived in Utah, we were always out of school before his special day.  Pretty fun!  And I try to help my children feel special....because they are.