Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bear Lake

We were able to take a little family vacation to Bear Lake with John's side of the family. It was really fun and the kiddos LOVED it. Sweet baby Liam (2 1/2 months old) enjoying the beach with mama.
Papa, Kamryn and Aunt Lisa on the kayak.
Kamryn enjoying time with her daddy.
Brody searching for shells.
Bryce, Teagan, Lindsay, and Eli building their sand castle.
Kamryn feeding the dog, Ellie, her popsicle.
Kamryn really enjoyed having a dog around the camp.
Aunt Lisa and Teagan on the kayak.
Aunt Annie was very nice to help out with the kiddos in the water one day because John had to work and I was on the beach with Liam.
Ella and Kamryn.
Lindsay and Teagan with the frog that Teagan caught. (Yes, we made him let it go.)

County Fair

Brave girl.
Brave boy.
Teagan held the tarantula again too, but I missed it. But he also loved the snakes and lizards.
The free pony rides are always a hit. Seriously the reason why we go back each year....and my kids love the creatures as well.
So cute.
SOOOOO excited!
Teagan loved this tortoise and hardly paid attention to the other animals in the petting zoo.
Kamryn made the rounds and gave every animal her attention.
Brody also spread his love.
We love the County Fair.
And we love that Grandma, Aunt Kati, and Uncle Brad could go with us.


Teagan was able to play soccer this year and has LOVED it! He gets so excited even for his practices on Tuesdays and even more for his games on Saturdays. He works really hard and is a pretty good little player. Teagan's team decided to name themselves The Komodo Dragons. The best part of the games is watching the little teams all run around after the ball. They all run in a big clump. :o) But they are getting better and even scored their first goal this last week.

Sister Visit

JB and her 4 kiddos came for a visit the end of August. I was really lame about taking pictures, but here is one from our visit to Hill AFB Museum.

We LOVED having them at our house for a few days! The kids had lots of fun and I enjoyed staying up WAY TO LATE talking with JB.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

-First Grade-

Teagan is officially a 1st grader. (Full day!!!)
Brody is going to miss him....
Kamryn is going to miss him....
Mommy is going to miss refereeing......ok, not really. Daddy, well, he is excited too. Yay- For 1st grade!!!


Does mommy spend too much time holding baby these days? Next best thing....snuggling in the infant car seat.

Goofy Smiles

Ok, I'm not a photographer...but I am a mother. And I love this kid.

Big Girl Bed

John-john made his sweet little girl a new Big-Girl-Bed. She loves it...and her daddy!