Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lucky #7

Happy Birthday Teagan!!!
Teagan is now 7 years old!!!! And he was super excited to finally get a fish tank and fish...and a crab. (Thanks to our neighbors for the hand-me-down tank!!) The morning after getting the tank up and running with the fish inside...the little gray colored one was already dead. And then a couple days later....the crab caught one of the gold fish and well...speared it with his giant claw and used his little claw to pick, pull at and eat with. Kinda creepy. So we got Teagan one more fish. So now he has: Big Gill, Goldie, Diver, and Sharp Claw (the crab of course).

Teagan had asked for a turtle cake...and I did my very best to make one for him. He was soooo excited when he first saw it......he made the best face and then said, "Thank you, Mom!!"......and gave me a big hug. You're welcome Teagan. And THANK YOU for being our most awesomest 1st son.