Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Improvement.

Found a message on the mirror in the bathroom this morning. It said, "I love (heart) Mom. Your Great."Big improvement upon this.

Thank you Teagan. My day definitely started with a smile and warm heart.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bozeman...We could definitely grow to love you too.

My mom was able to drive home with us from nice. We decided to extend our trip by a day and head to Bozeman, MT see my baby sister, Charlotte. Cute boys....this is how I found them when I woke up at the hotel.
Charlotte took us on a hike to see this beautiful waterfall.
It was so nice to get up in the mountains....
...especially with this cool aunt as our guide......
...and to breathe in the fresh mountain air. Loved it.

Of course, the kids loved it too.
Thanks Charlotte...and Bozeman, we could definitely grow to love you.

Washington...We love you.

We were lucky enough to spend some good quality time in Washington with family. There is so much to enjoy in a small town, believe it or not. Gma and Papa Larry's is always a fun place for the kids. S'mores evidence.
I think Teagan ate like 3 huge S'mores. He's seriously a bottomless pit these days.
Papa Larry teaching Liam how to use the remote.
Kamryn, along with my other kiddos, love Gma's pets.
And amazingly enough...they love them right back.
And I love this.
And this.
Cuddling cousins. I couldn't believe how well Teagan and Ryan got along and Brody and Sophie got along. So nice.
Liam grew very attached to his Gma too.
Just had to throw a picture in of Superman Liam pushing a baby in a tiny stroller.
We had some not so good days....with bumps, bruises.....
....and big scrapes. But, it didn't slow them down for long.
Kamryn having quality girl time with Gma...soaking their feet after a hard days work.
Aunt JB did Kamryn's hair one day and she LOVED it! In fact, I caught her smiling in the mirror and singing to herself.
Gma helping McKay on a big kid bike with no training wheels. I was really sad these pics turned out so dark....because it was really cute watching the two of them together.
Gotta love aunt JB.
I know this doesn't look very comfortable, but this girl was why not crash under the table at Gma's store?!?!
4th of July with Papa Nick....playing games with the litte munchkins.
Liam took a nap in his stroller on the 4th and when I checked on him......I found a spider with a nice new web. Nice. *shiver*
Gathered around the fire pit.
Who knew a clothes line would be such a big hit.....but it always is.
Cute cousins. Kamryn and Sophie.
Washington....We love you....and we hope to be back soon.