Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work Party

Last week we went to John's work party and the kids had a BLAST! It was pretty similar to last year's party, but they didn't care. I just love this top picture b/c Brody was soaked and not wearing a swim diaper, so he was carrying around like a 20 pound wet diaper and still trying to find a great place for his sword.
John entered the pie eating contest. He won a similar contest last year, but came in a close second this year. He had chocolate pie up his nose so far that he had a hard time getting it out and it started to smell like puke! It was nasty!
This is John fighting with his work superior. John let him win...job security.
Kamryn wandered a bit, but decided that she preferred the bouncy thing.
There was a giant slip-n-slide and the boys were pretty much there the entire time.

Turn Around And You're 2, Turn Around And You're 4, Turn Around And You're A Young Man Going Out Of The Door

It's official....Teagan started Kindergarten on Monday. He has been so excited to start and I'm sure he's going to continue to love it!
I worried a little about my own personal emotional state...but I'm fine. I think sending him to preschool helped and I am looking forward to a couple hours a day of minimal sibling rivalry.

Teagan is Reading

I've posted other pictures of Teagan "reading" to his siblings, but this time he actually is! He has been doing very well sounding out words and even has several he knows simply by sight. Yah Teagan! He is soooo very ready for Kindergarten!

Short Seattle Visit

Lincoln, Kiya, Cooper, McKay, Kamryn
Kamryn---the hair bow does not belong in your mouth. And wipe your nose for goodness sakes.

So I was able to spend a few hours with my sister, JB, and her family in Seattle. It was a very short visit, but I appreciate and enjoy any time I can get to spend with my family!

Two Baby Sister Weddings

Kati and Brad
Charlotte and Greg

So my baby sister and John's baby sister were married within two weeks of each other. Both brides were absolutely gorgeous, the wedding ceremonies were touching, and I balled like a baby at each one. Love you girls!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Ok, so I know my birthday was in June and we finally bought our piano in July....and it is Aug, almost September.....I thought I would still post a pic of my birthday present from my very sweet John-john. I am not a pianist, but can play the right hand decently and plunk out a couple left hand notes here and there...but I've always wanted a piano in our home. Hopefully our children will love the piano lessons we hope to get them in this next year and will stick with them. I wish now that I would have myself.