Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Halloween 2012

Halloween was a couple of months ago, but I couldn't pass up posting these cute pics of our kiddos.  Grandma took all the kiddos to a pumpkin patch to choose their very own pumpkin.  It was fun and a special thing to do with Grandma.
 Liam was pretty disgusted by the whole gutting of the pumpkin thing....which totally surprised us.  But, he got past it and had a good time.

Kamryn had no problem getting her pumpkin done.  All the kids designed their own faces and I have to say that I loved Kamryn's soooo much.  It's possibly the sweetest jack-o-lantern that I've ever seen.  She had a little help with the cutting of course.

Brody designed and cut his face all by himself.  I thought he did an awesome job....and already snacking on halloween candy in this pic. 

Teagan ended up choosing a dragon stencil to try this year.  He worked really hard and long on his pumpkin and I think it turned out great.  (Don't we have good looking kids?!?!?)

John is being shy...but I think the flames turned out pretty neat.

And well, I kinda went off course a bit and carved a wacky flower instead of a face.

Our little jack-o-lantern family.

Kamryn was also able to carve a pumpkin at preschool.  This is a pic of Kamryn's and Gage's (Kam's friend) jack-o-lanterns, all lit up.

Halloween night.  We had Liam as a dinosaur, Kamryn as a princes, Sophie as a lady bug, Ryan as an Indian, James (a friend from church) as Super Raccoon, Brody as a gold ninja, Teagan as a red ninja, and Avery as a pirate.  Pretty fun group and we collected so much candy, we ended up dumping it in the bottom of the stroller.

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